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Home Renovation and Interior Design

Home Renovation at 1311 Toledo Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN Bittersweet home renovation… This project was a labor of love for me. You just don’t know what the end result will be or what you may encounter while taking on rehab project with an older home. But, when the project is approached with the eye of an

A Little Bit about Marble The very brief history… The word “marble” originates from the Greek, marmaros, meaning “a snow white and spotless stone”. Be this as it may, marble can be found in a rainbow of colors. The use of this stone in architecture dates back thousands of years to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Die For

2015 is going to be full of high-tech, luxury bathroom remodeling ideas that will make you want to take a nice long bath or a steam shower. From steam showers to designer lighting fixtures, bathrooms are totally taking the spotlight next year.

Bold Glass Tiles & Marble

The summer is in full swing and the weather is gorgeous, yet you feel like your kitchen and bathroom could use a little TLC. Here are some great tips to get your spaces show ready for any last minute soirees that may pop up! 1. Fresh coat of paint or new wallcovering This is the