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2015 Kitchen Trend Watch

Thursday, 04 December 2014 by

The internet is ablaze with all kinds of fun trends we can expect to see in kitchens next year. Metal hoods, wooden kitchen cabinets and oil-rubbed bronze finishes are just a couple of the many concepts kitchens will soon be flooded with.

As usual, I dug up my very favorite trends so you can get a glimpse of what 2015 is shaping up to be.

It’s not too late to plan the perfect table for Thursday’s big meal! Some trends for this year’s Thanksgiving table are paper tablecloths to write names on for seating purposes, the menu painted on a pumpkin and cute little jars to prompt giving thanks. If you’re still looking for ideas to spice up your dinner table, read on my friends!

10 Innovative Backsplash Ideas

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 by

Nowadays backsplashes come in virtually every size, shape, color and texture. There are so many cool concepts out there for backsplashes that I found 10 I want to share with all of you. From pressed stainless steel to swanky translucent agate, there is definitely a unique, innovative backsplash idea out there for you.

New Window Treatment Styles

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 by

While the rest of the world is turning digital, why wouldn’t something like window shades do the same? It turns out roman shades with digital images on them are really trendy right now, and you can see why! Also on the trend radar are curtains with natural materials and fabric roman shades. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Roman Shades with Digital Images

Digitized shades may seem counterintuitive, but they’re pretty cool. Whether you want something soft like the beautiful daisies in a kitchen, or sports-laden shades for your man cave or basement, roman shades with digital images can really fit any room. Half of the images below are from Sarasota Draperies & Blinds and half are from NH Blinds. You should check out both websites if you want to see some other amazing digital shades.

Upholstered walls are a really fun way to add depth to a room while making it dramatic, serene and quiet. My favorite rooms in the house for upholstered walls are the dining room, the bedroom and the library (or office – whatever you call it!) Better Homes and Gardens has some good information on how to tackle this DIY project, which you should definitely check out if this is something you’re interested in doing.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at how lovely upholstered walls can look in the dining room, bedroom and library: 

Kitchen Trends

Monday, 06 October 2014 by

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens eating, cooking and entertaining, so we might as well make the most of it, right? Some trends hitting the kitchens next year include live slab center islands, big, bold appliances and lacquered cabinets. You can really take these in any direction, but I searched for some examples to show you just how cool these trends are looking.

2015 Pattern Trends Part II

Friday, 26 September 2014 by

Like I said in my first 2015 pattern trend post (, next year is going to be a treat for the eyes! Tribal, aquatic and microscopic prints made the list on that post. This time around I’m talking about watercolor, floral and high definition nature prints. They are all colorful and they blend together magnificently. As you’ll see in the coming images, some of the floral pieces are also watercolor; some of the high definition nature patterns are floral; and some of the watercolor pieces are of nature!

These patterns can be used on walls, pillows, paintings, bedspreads, furniture and much, much more. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Three Outdoor Elements for the Fall

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 by

Fall is such a lovely time to spend time outdoors. Even if you’re not entertaining, it’s nice to have a great outdoor setup for you to enjoy some personal time – be it for reading, taking a nap or enjoying a glass of wine. Since fall is (unfortunately) so short, it isn’t essential to re-do an entire outdoor area. Instead, incorporate a few popular materials and your outside space will feel like a fall getaway. Three great autumnal elements are copper, reclaimed wood and rugs.

Let’s take a look:

We all know that attics make great storage spaces, but they have so much more potential than just a home for boxes! With some good styling and a little work you can transform your attic into any number of rooms. There is a plethora of ideas out there but I rounded up some fun examples for a guest bedroom, a creative art studio, a kids’ playroom and a home office. 

2015 Pattern Trend Watch

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 by

2015 is set to be a treat for the eyes, as the trends are leaning toward tribal and ethnic patterns, microscopic prints and dreamlike aquatic scenery. Even the fashion world is incorporating these trends into the runway. Countless are the ways you can bring these themes into your home, but here are some of my favorite for these three hot trends:

Tribal & Ethnic

2015 is going to be full of high-tech, luxury bathroom trends that will make you want to take a nice long bath or a steam shower. From steam showers to designer lighting fixtures, bathrooms are totally taking the spotlight next year.

Bold Glass Tiles & Marble

Each year Pantone forecasts the color trends for the following year. Since fall is rapidly approaching it is already time to start looking at what to expect next year for color.

Here’s a Pantone report with nine different color schemes that we’ll all be seeing in homes next year. Each of the color combinations in the report are great, but I want to focus on the one called Serendipity (seen below). As you can see in the image, serendipity translates to “a pleasant surprise” or “a happy accident,” and the mixing of these colors has a serendipitous effect.

Many people strictly follow the rule that if you have silver in a room, everything has to be silver; if you have copper appliances, everything else needs to be copper. But that’s simply not true! Mixing metals makes for beautiful rooms by adding dimension and bringing in a unique decorating tactic.

If you need some convincing as to why you should mix metals, I’ve rounded up eight examples that prove just how great it can be. 

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The Fourth of July isn’t the only day to use red, white and blue – these three colors look stunning together, Independence Day or not! I think people veer away from using this color combination in the home for fear of looking like they’re throwing a Memorial Day party, but I rounded up 10 pieces of proof that show you can utilize these colors year-round. Take a look at these gorgeous red, white and blue rooms:

While Social Clubs have been around for hundreds of years, they are making a bold comeback. They’re quite popular on the coasts, like New York and LA, but I’m currently designing one called The Other Room in Minneapolis and am super excited about it! Like sophisticated bars, these social clubs are exclusive, oftentimes even requiring an interview process.

Their swanky décor and fascinating histories makes the interior design of these social clubs quite intriguing. Here are some fun trends I’ve noticed while designing one: