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Are you afraid to take a risk in your space? These ideas will help you spice up your space but prevent you from going overboard.

by / Wednesday, 25 January 2012 / Published in Uncategorized

It is the beginning of a new year which sometimes makes us more open to change or inspired to mix things up. Sometimes just adding a new color, fabric, or print to your space can give it some added interest. There are various reasons as to why many of us are afraid to take a little risk with our space, but regardless of what those reasons are, we can all change things up in some way or another.

We have a few different ideas for you to add a splash of color or a fun print to your space without it becoming overwhelming. The first is the easiest and most likely the least expensive route to take. Pick one or a few of your favorite colors whether they are solids or in the form of a print to make throw pillow cases out of. This is a great opportunity to add some texture as well. Cut velvets are big right now and can add a luxurious feeling as well. The image below is a great example of a vibrant print on a pillow from Designer’s Guild along with a beautiful throw blanket.

Designer’s Guild

Window treatments are something that may not be inexpensive to change but they are something that is relatively easy to change. They can soften up a room, make it more cozy, and definitely add some color. This is a great way to showcase a print you love. The fabric for the window treatments are from Designer’s Guild.

Designer’s Guild
Black is often considered a risky color to use especially in larger amounts. Sheer black window treatments can provide a sleek contrast to a room that is very bright without being too heavy.

Designer’s Guild
If you love prints, printed sheers can be a great option as well. This is a beautiful sheer from Designer’s Guild used for a window treatment.

Designer’s Guild
Wall coverings are back! There are so many new textures, prints, and colors available to add visual interest to any interior. If you have a smaller space such as a powder room, try adding a wall covering to make the space more unique. If you select a wall covering that is slightly reflective it may make the space feel bigger as well.

Laura Casey Interiors, LLC
Color and style trends change with interiors just like fashion does but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of what the current trends have to offer! Hopefully these ideas will help you brighten up your space and bring it to life. Design the life you love!