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Tiffany Hanken - Minneapolis Interior Designer
Tiffany Hanken is an industry-leading interior designer in Minneapolis for affluent, residential, and commercial design – with award-winning retail spaces in the Twin Cities.

She has enchanted spaces with her whimsical personality and precise vision in national restaurants, clothing boutiques, and residences across the United States and France. She started her career as a child growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, where remodeling an old hunting shack at the age of twelve led her to find her love for interior design. She now owns and operates a Boutique Interior Design Firm called Tiffany Hanken Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where her focus is pursuing the most innovative products and resources to provide a one-of-a-kind interior design and remodeling experience for her clients.

Tiffany Hanken Design is an interior design firm in Minneapolis specializing in residential and commercial design in Minnesota. Tiffany has 10 years of experience in the industry and has proven her talent in design and style. Tiffany Hanken Design has professional staff and tradespeople who share Tiffany’s vision of creating luxurious spaces for the purpose of helping people feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy in their homes.






  • We will responsibly guide you through every aspect of the interior design process.
  • We’ll guard your privacy and protect your personal space.
  • We’ll communicate frequently and in the manner you prefer.
  • We’ll design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.
  • We’ll select products for their impact on the environment, their aesthetics, appropriateness, and durability.
  • We’ll recommend reputable and responsible manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs.
  • We’ll manage your project with professionalism, respect, and above all, integrity.
  • We’ll consider the environmental impact of everything we do for you.
  • We’ll be completely honest with you even if it isn’t what you want to hear.
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Tiffany Hanken - Minneapolis Interior Designer
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