Be Social!


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While Social Clubs have been around for hundreds of years, they are making a bold comeback. They’re quite popular on the coasts, like New York and LA, but I’m currently designing one called The Other Room in Minneapolis and am super excited about it! Like sophisticated bars, these social clubs are exclusive, oftentimes even requiring an interview process.

Their swanky décor and fascinating histories makes the interior design of these social clubs quite intriguing. Here are some fun trends I’ve noticed while designing one:

Back in April I blogged about how to use masculine colors in a feminine way. This week I’m reversing it and blogging about bringing feminine colors into a man’s home. Colors like pink, purple, turquoise and gold are more often found in women’s homes than men’s, but there’s no reason men can’t utilize these gorgeous colors too!

I browsed Pinterest and many interior design websites to bring to you a collection of these colors in ways I think men might like.

The best way to light the outside of your home really depends on where your home is located. If it’s an urban house, there likely aren’t a ton of trees and nearby streetlights are almost an inevitability. If your house is in the suburbs, however, that’s another story! There will typically be trees nearby, if not surrounding the house, and you’re likely to have some sort of a backyard. Because of the differences, some lighting concepts go better for one over the other.

Let’s take a closer look at exterior lighting ideas for the suburban home: