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A small living space doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. Many people become frustrated because they are overwhelmed by clutter and not enough functionality with their furniture. No matter the size, there are several options that allow you to create an inviting area. Keep these tips in mind when decorating the space.

Summer is right around the corner! That means barbeques and lots of outdoor entertaining. A great outdoor space is another way to showcase your style and create a seamless living space to your home. Whether you desire an extravagant outdoor retreat or a budget-friendly update, we’ll show you how you can easily transform it from

We’ve seen it on the runaways, clothing racks and make-up counters. “Color blocking.”  It’s the hottest trend of the year that involves the mix of solid colors in daring ways. Similar to mixing prints, the method combines two or more colors that include bright, complimentary and contrasting shades.  Orange, green, yellow, and blue are some