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Do you have any old household items sitting in the basement collecting dust, or maybe you have 100 keys but you only know what a handful of them are for? Here are some ideas to inspire you to turn these items into something new. This first idea comes from something we saw on Pinterest. Here

Night of Art, Design and Wine

Saturday, 24 March 2012 by

INTERIOR DESIGN BOUTIQUE OWNER AND LOCAL ARTIST PARTNER NIGHT OF ART, DESIGN AND WINE Minneapolis, MN – March 2, 2012 – Minneapolis-based firm Tiffany Hanken Design, formerly Opulent Interiors, is collaborating with local Artist Dan Raphael for an enchanted evening showcasing influential design and artwork. The invite-only affair will come alive at the Casket Arts

Maybe your home is newly furnished, you have a blend of the new and old, or you are looking to incorporate some new items to complement what you already have. Home accessories and one or two new furnishings can be a powerful tool to bring your space together, and sometimes that may be all your

Have you ever wondered what the interior style of your home is, or what style you would like your home to be? Let our interior style quiz guide you. 1. Select one of the following images that appeals to you most: A B C D E 2. Select which statement applies to you most: A. I